Yes, this cake did travel 150 miles. Not on its own of course.

It’s the latest creation out of the tiny ‘Blooming Lovely’ kitchen which in fact made its way 150 miles all the way down to sunny Portsmouth last week! I have to say it’s an amazing feeling when people get to know about your business from far and wide, especially as I’ve not been in business for that long (just over 5 months to be exact). And, it feels that little bit more special when the service and products you offer are worth travelling for. Which is exactly what happened last week with this cake (along with 10 red velvet, gluten free cake art cupcakes, the little sisters and brothers of the main cake).

In all honesty, I was a little worried at first that the cake was going to travel so far. Homemade cakes weight quite a lot – I’m sure it was close to 5kgs (no I didn’t weight it but as I’m someone who was once an obsessed fitness fanatic, I think I know what 5kgs feels like). On a side note, home made, heavily decorated cakes are not like shop bought…they weigh much more (as real ingredients are used, there’s no cake mix in sight!) Along with the extra helping of love; of course everything is made with TLC…

After some deliberation over detail, the order was booked a few weeks ago and I was really looking forward to making this cake. Not only is it a vegan cake, but this one’s 100% gluten free as well. You wouldn’t think a gluten free and vegan cake could look so good would you? I can say that about my cakes, a girl is allowed to brag now and again 😉 Surprisingly enough, the lovely young man who ordered this cake for his sweetheart (along with 10 delightful cakeart cupcakes) aren’t vegan but his girlfriend has a gluten intolerance and generally they like to eat more healthily, hence wanting dairy free cake. So there you go: cake can be healthy, elegant and I hasten to add, tasty as well!  And it makes sense ordering a gluten free and dairy free cake from someone who makes vegan cakes – why wouldn’t you?

The cake flavour was gluten free coconut and raspberry cake sandwiched together with fresh raspberries and a rather generous helping of dairy free buttercream with a hint of coconut essence. The cake turned out beautifully and I was so pleased as I’d never made this particular recipe combination before, so it was a plan that was carefully executed which turned out perfectly, for a first attempt. Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together? Happy days….

So far,it’s one of my favourites cakes and I completely adore the way it’s turned out. The flowers are exactly what I had in mind, the wreath effect sits beautifully and the colours sit well together. The smaller darker flowers are in fact dark pink, but you can’t see that properly from the image (I really must sort out my light equipment and learn to take better food photos – another to do on my ever expanding list…!)

Anyway, I’m starting to get a lot more orders for cakes at the moment, even though when I set out a few months ago, I was only really offering cupcake bouquets. But, as you grow and expand, and listen to what customers want, you naturally start to expand your repertoire. And no matter where you live, if you’d love to commission a beautiful Blooming Lovely cake, I’m happy to talk to you. So please do get in touch! There’s always a way to get it to you…

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