We’re well into January (nearly 2 weeks at the time of writing) and of course, for the 300,000+ people who’ve registered to try Veganuary this year, I think the sweet fix will be ranking WELL up there on the list of must haves!

And many of my non vegan friends who have tried my vegan cake seriously cannot tell the difference in texture and flavour and they are pleasantly amazed. Or should I say gobsmacked? If you’re doing Veganuary, I think you’ll be a convert especially when it comes to vegan cake!

Incidentally, there’s not a lot of vegan cake around in major supermarkets – believe me I LOOKED at Christmas! Apart from vegan mince pies, I wanted to have a break from being in the kitchen at Christmas but couldn’t find vegan cake anywhere…to my dismay and I felt disappointed and frustrated going on a little wild goose chase! 🙁 All I wanted was to go to the shop and get a vegan family favourite like a nice Victoria Sponge, a Lemon Drizzle Cake, Carrot Cake or a nice slice of Coffee Cake with your afternoon cuppa, the choice is a bit sparce and few and far between.

Rather than trying to hunt down one of your family favourite cakes (in vain, like me) and buying vegan cake from the supermarket, why not try baking your own instead?

So, roll up your sleeves, get your apron on, your whisk poised and your mixing bowl at the ready and why not have a go at making some vegan cake this Veganuary? A friend of mine who has never baked in his LIFE recently attempted a banana loaf cake. Surprisingly to his sheer delight (and mine) it was a resounding success! No rocky volcano in sight or a saggy sinking middle (I’m talking about cake!) 😉 And I think he’s now got the bug to bake even more (it’s addictive this baking malarkey!)

Although I don’t run a vegan baking blog here, (which is on the cards for the future I just don’t have the time at the moment to commit to baking blog) I’m more than happy to offer my support on a more personal basis. Whether it’s 1:1 baking support in your kitchen (yes, you can hire me to come and help you as a personal baking coach) or you can contact me for simple recipe ideas, why not have a go at vegan baking yourself? There are a multitude of recipes online but if you find that a little overwhelming, and not sure which is the best recipe to try, then simply contact me if you’re looking for 1:1 vegan baking support this Veganuary! I’m MORE than happy to give you the support that you might be looking for!

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