Pink, peach and gold luxury cake bouquet by vegan cake and birthday cake specialist in Birmingham and surrounding areas.

Yes, you can it; yes it’s cake. And yes, it’s 100% vegan cake (made in my tiny 100% ethical vegan kitchen). Who’d have thought that vegan cake could look so stunning and elegant? Well, whatever you can make mainstream in the world of novelty cake, you can convert into vegan cake or veganize as I like to say, quite easily. This is sophisticated cake art for that discerning person who wants something a bit more special: it’s indulgent, high end, luxurious and most definitely vegan cake that you DON’T see every day.

Although I love experimenting with my vegan baking and have been doing so now for around 18 months, I don’t really revel in making ‘ordinary’ vegan cakes. In fact I was approached recently to supply a well known coffee shop chain in Birmingham but I didn’t start Blooming Lovely Cake to slabs of ‘normal’ vegan cake; neither do the whole novelty vegan cake thing either with funny characters and a tonne load of sugar paste; sorry to say I just find those types of cake quite grotesque and it’s just not my thing. So no, I don’t do run-of-the-mill cake and I guess I’m not you’re every day vegan baker.  What we offer here at Blooming Lovely Cake is beauty; it’s pretty special and it’s pretty unique too.

This cupcake bouquet is probably my favourite so far…and I’ve done a fair few since the launch of Blooming Lovely Cake back in April 2018 (it was the 26th April 2018 to be precise). It was ordered for a mum’s 60th birthday celebration and I quickly took these snaps before packaging and taking it delicately to it’s final destination…

Pink, peach and gold luxury cake bouquet, vegan cake and birthday cakes in Birmingham and surrounding areas.

I just LOVE the colour combination in it and the two tone effect of the flowers. In fact, it does take me quite some time to sit and plan these bouquets and it’s actually just like flower arranging when I assemble the bouquet (hence coining the phrase ‘cake florist’!) ; the entire bouquet has to have balance in the way the flowers are sitting and the way in which the colous marry together. From start to finish it actually does take a lot of planning and preparation to make a bouquet from the baking of the cakes to finishing the pull of the bow ribbon.  This takes a lot of time, attention, meticulous attention to detail and VERY steady hand.

I remember when I was taking the photos for it, I did a double take at the camera LCD when flicking through the images and thought to myself, “blimey, look like real flowers!” It’s in fact my super deluxe bouquet – the largest that I do with 19 cupcakes…but I’ve been thinking I might be able to go one or two sizes larger with 23 cupcakes or even 33 cupcakes…I’ll put it out there and see what happens…

If you’re wondering what the flowers are made of, it’s dairy free vegan buttercream which holds quite well when the ratio of icing sugar is higher to the fat content. No way is it clean eating or healthy eating! But it’s not the sort of thing you’d indulge in every day (I’d imagine) and so a little bit of what you fancy now and again won’t hurt you. If you want to see the full gallery of cupcake bouquets so far, just head on over to the Gallery section of this site.

And if you think you’d love one of these vegan cupcake bouquets for your next occasion, drop me a line via my Quote page

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