There’s much of a muchness out there in the celebration cake world, isn’t there? And in the vegan cake world here in Birmingham, it’s no different really: the drip cakes, the novelty cakes, the character cakes covered in sugar paste with moulded figurines and cut out shapes…{yawn}

You see I know that you want something different when it comes to your next purchase of a special vegan cake. But often you don’t know what that ‘something’ is until you see it.  What if you’re looking for a vegan cake that’s completely different?  That’s sophisticated, that has an exquisite feel to it, that combines artistry as well as baking? You see, if you’re the type of person who likes the unusual, with a more luxurious twist and high end feel then you’re just like me. And that’s the exact reason that I set up Blooming Lovely Cake.

From our 100% ethically vegan kitchen here in Birmingham, we like to produce unique floral vegan cake art that is exquisite; that’s head turning; that’s showstopping. We don’t like doing run-of-the-mill cakes and that’s because you don’t really. No, we’re not the cheapest cake business around. But we don’t compete on price. We offer art. And when you’re discerning, {which of course you are otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this}, then of course you’ll appreciate that it’s art, not cake, that you’re buying. In fact, as far as I know, we’re the only vegan cake art business in Birmingham. So you truly are getting something really unique and create a memory that will truly last.

We like to create the wow factor; in fact, we’re as much in the business of creating joy as we are creating art. Artistic expression is behind everything we go. Of course, it’s not style over substance and the vegan cakes that come out of our tiny  kitchen are delicious. You only need to read our reviews on Trustpilot and Google to see for yourself what customers are saying about not only the presentation but the level of service and most importantly, how the cakes taste. And it’s only a happy customer who would leave wonderful review.

The great thing about being in Birmingham is that it’s so central to surrounding areas: whether you’re looking for a vegan cake and you live in or around Birmingham, such as Sutton Coldfield, Solihull, Wolverhampton, the Black Country, Walsall and Coventry, it’s really quite easy to get to. However I’ve had people who live in Portsmouth, Herfordshire and Cheshire order cakes and bouquets from us which just goes to show how our reputation is growing.

So do go ahead and take a look at our Gallery and see for yourself the type of vegan cakes we’re producing here in Birmingham. We also do gluten free cake and refined sugar free cake too. So we are a truly artisan business offering a showstopping product and service that we know you’ll love.

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