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This was my latest vegan cake commission which I absolutely adore!  And yes, vegan cake CAN look this good…and why shouldn’t it?

The colour scheme I was given was lilac and pinks; at first, when I was planning the design, I was leaning towards doing a lavender fields cake but then the pink would have been missing. Then I had the thought of doing cherry blossom but then the lilacs would have needed to be added in a similarly delicate pattern.

In the end, I was actually inspired by a beautiful wedding cake that I spotted online and, as the creative licence was up to me on this particular piece, (and having fell in in love with this particular  design), I decided to recreate it. I just love the intricacy of it; the vine that swirls and creeps around, fluidly with the flowers sitting delicately in various shades of pink & lilac.

It took around 8 hours just to decorate and for some of that I was literally on my knees on the kitchen floor trying to reach the parts of the cake that was near on impossible to reach lol!! And my legs knew about it the next day…(my thighs really ached!)

Underneath all that flowery loveliness is a vegan chocolate beetroot cake which, believe me is oh so moist (I had all the offcuts – my belly is beginning to show the evidence!)

There’s not much around in the way of vegan cake art and luxury vegan cake here in Birmingham and the surrounding areas, but that’s not why I do what I do; it’s more about satiating the artist within me and surrendering to the feeling that I need to create something of beauty and splendor…and if you have an inner creative within,  you’ll know what I mean about having a burning desire to express yourself, believe.

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