Things always come along in threes, like buses. And who’d have thought that cake could actually be healthy? Well, come to think of it, vegan cake is generally less calorific as it as no butter in it. But when cake becomes refined sugar free

I recently had a spate of orders that came in one after another (literally) in October for sugar free vegan cake. In fact one customer asked for refined sugar free and gluten free vegan cupcakes. And no, I don’t mean completely sugar free; I mean refined sugar free. So none of that refined caster sugar. Not that I use the white stuff normally; my go to sugar is normally the Tate & Lyle fair trade golden caster sugar. But that is still as refined and no good for you compared to zero calorie sugar substitute or syrups, such as maple syrup and agave syrup or even jaggery, a concentrated product of cane juice and often date or palm sap without separation of the molasses and crystals.

Sugar is just empty calories. And the bad news is that too much of the white stuff can increase your chances of getting diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

As a nation, we’re becoming more and more health conscious. Did you know that the white stuff, that’s white sugar, is as addictive as cocaine? To get a little bit ‘sciencey’ on you, it has the same effect on the brain as opioid drugs, such as cocaine, and release the happy hormone, dopamine; dopamine is the brain’s reward and pleasure centre. And when dopamine is released (because you feel good) you’re inclined to go to those foods or habits again. Hence why sugary foods are so addictive: you feel good when you eat it, you want that feeling again so you go back for more. Synonymous with a drug.

Anyway, back to the topic of cakes.

So here at Blooming Lovely Cake, we’re offering TOTALLY refined sugar free vegan cake…and I have to say they taste rather good. Although I’m still perfecting my refined sugar free cashew creme flowers, I most definitely can offer you refined sugar free cake or cupcakes. In fact, here’s a cake for my mum’s birthday and I have to say, it was totally divine to eat! Better still, it was TOTALLY  refined sugar free, gluten free and of course 100% vegan. The cake is a gluten free carrot, orange and walnut cake. It’s frosted and filled with a delectably creamy cashew creme (yes, that’s NOT butter cream). I experimented with cashew creme flowers (which to be honest didn’t turn out as I’d hoped – I haven’t perfected the recipe yet) but the cashew creme frosting was so creamy and the cake itself was unctuous and moist. It was sweetened with maple syrup and jaggery and it was completely gluten free – yes, a healthy cake – who’d have thought it!

refined sugar free gluten free vegan carrot cake vegan birthday cake specialist in Birmingham & surrounding areas

I posted this cake on my Instagram and it was a resounding hit! I had A LOT of comments on my Facebook page about it too and it shows that more of you are interested in refined sugar free cake, as well as being gluten free and vegan cake. If a refined sugar free cake is something that tickles your fancy for whatever reason, I’d really love to hear from you to see what I can do for you –  just get in touch with me via my Contact page!

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