I was soooo excited about my recent pop ups! Probably because I’m usually stuck in the house on my own with cake and you can’t really have a conversation with cake! Lol! I’m such a people person and I was so excited to actually get out and have a wee chat with some fine and lovely folk with my little cakey beauties πŸ™‚ I don’t do many live events simply because it does take me a LONG time to pipe my cakes and I don’t particularly like wastage – and with events it really is an unknown quantity how many cakes to make.

The first pop up was at The Prince of Wales Pub in Moseley where I showed off for the first time my gorgeous little Christmas beauties – Poinsettia flowers with gold shimmer on a chocolate orange & clove cupcake and Holly Wreaths with silver shimmer finished with crushed rose petals on a spiced apple & cinnamon cupcake. Gorgeously warming Christmas flavours with an irresistible design πŸ™‚ The landlady had organised a vegan event with the Vegan Grindhouse who do amazing vegan american street food and burgers. But she was let down at the last minute by the cake person who had previously agreed to attend. So, out of the blue, she contacted me and cordially invited me as the cake supporting act. I thought to myself “well, why not?” and I’m so glad I agreed πŸ™‚ I met some lovely people, had some lovely conversation as well as introducing Blooming Lovely Cake to host of new people who didn’t know that I existed…

Almost a week later I’d arranged to do another pop up at a delightful little family-run vegan mini mart called Β Friendly FoodsΒ just outside of Wolverhampton. It’s a haven for anyone that wants to buy sustainable alternatives and of course, for anyone with a plant-based diet. I came away that day with two artistan vegan cheeses and mint vegan walnut whip!

Sincerely, I had such a great time that day meeting the customers and no, it’s not just about selling cake. For me, it’s all about the warmth of interaction of meeting new people: conversation, a bit of a laugh and being out in a new place with new faces. Like I said earlier: I can’t talk to cake and it does get lonely running a business when it’s just me and cake; human connection is key and is so important to me and these pop ups are a great way to do just that πŸ™‚ I did happen to sell out that day by mid afternoon which was great (as I don’t like wasting cake) And yes, that’s yours truly with her blingy Santa hat on!

I’ll definitely be doing more cakeart pop ups throughout 2019 – I don’t know how often but when the mood strikes, there might be a Blooming Lovely Pop up near you very soon….watch this space!

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